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Fine Tuning Financial Trading

Just as F1 drivers and their cars have to perform at absolute peak to get to number one, so do the financial trading strategies we research and develop at Capital Science.

Both are precision-engineered to every aspect of the team's needs and put through rigorous, extensive testing day after day.

A research and support company, our design lab creates everything from your financial technical trading strategies to tools for strategists and the front office.

Specialists in the fields of foreign exchange and fixed income, we drive optimal performance through:

  • Design, formulation and testing of new trading strategies.
  • Back testing and tuning of current strategies.
  • Automated trading programs using the international standard FIX protocol for both market data acquisition and trade execution. We are FIX certified by a leading ECN platform provider.
  • Data analysis and research, supported by sophisticated, intuitive presentation of results.
  • Dedicated tools to harvest information from the Internet.
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About Capital Science

At Capital Science, we match each client's quest for constant innovation with our own. It is the unique combination of our deep knowledge of financial markets, technical analysis capability, curiosity and commercial acumen that sets Capital Science apart.

Here are some of the most recent projects we have undertaken:

  • Supporting the design and computerisation of trading strategies.
  • Enabling automated trading via international electronic trading standards (FIX).
  • Back testing and tuning existing trading models.
  • Data harvesting, analysis and presentation.

“Mathematicians have long played a vital role in risk management at financial institutions, but their skill set is increasingly being used to make money, not just to stop losing it.”

BBC News

To find out more about how Capital Science can help you fine-tune your financial trading, contact us today.

Our History

We are an agile, progressive company, built on the foundations of developing optimal solutions for our clients over the past 25 years. Rather than simply talking about our heritage, we prefer to let our track record do the talking:

  • The first true client/server network installed in The City.
  • One of the first ever bespoke financial programs to run on a micro-computer (Foreign Exchange Management).
  • The first Treasury Management system designed around the in-house bank principle.
  • The first 4GL application development tool (used by non programmers to build a leading UK Corporation Tax product).
  • A portfolio management system for fixed income hedge funds that enabled them to capitalise on the emerging opportunities presented by credit default swaps.
  • Margin trading applications for foreign exchange and oil futures that enabled innovative margin definition, measurement and control.
  • Customised applications for Korean long/short equity houses.
  • Robust communication solutions for information transfer between our clients and their trading platforms, prime brokers and fund administrators.
To find out more about how Capital Science can help you fine-tune your financial trading, contact us today.

Peter Warder, Founding Director

“At Capital Science, we put the quality into quant, fine-tuning financial trading for optimal performance”.

Peter Warder

Peter Warder is the founding director of Capital Science Limited, a firm that has been formed to deliver a competitive edge in financial trading.

Ever since leaving university, Peter’s work has involved computing and quantitative analysis. Having pioneered the introduction of econometric forecasting techniques in the building industry environment at John Laing PLC, Peter won a lecturership at Middlesex University, teaching statistics for accounting and business degrees. Promoted to Senior Lecturer in Computing and Quantitative Methods, Peter then made a major contribution to published work carried out on Leukaemia by the neighbouring Royal Free Hospital Cancer Unit.

Capital Science Limited is the evolution of a specialist computer consultancy (SSS Consultants) founded by Peter Warder in the 1980s.

Over the years, Peter has built an enviable network, consisting of senior City managers and traders, financial mathematicians and highly skilled programmers. Leading a team of specialists in complementary disciplines, Peter is able to meet the technical needs of the most demanding financial trading organisations.

To find out more about how Capital Science can help you fine-tune your financial trading, contact us today.

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